A Century of Growth Continues Here


Waldorf schools are the fastest growing, non-secular schools in the world. A philosophy over 100 years old, Rudolf Steiner's transformative approach to education has proven to stand the test of time in our ever-growing need for positive social change. Rooted in these core principles of Waldorf Education, our school sows the seeds of knowledge, humanity, compassion, responsibility, and self-actualization.

Most every school community starts small, grows, and secures funding to build or renovate existing properties to serve as a school. From our inception several years ago, Singing Stones has experienced rapid growth. We are committed to maintaining our non-profit, non-chartered status, while remaining accessible to all families wanting this education. We are now transitioning into adding our fully-realized middle school, as we actively seek out donations and investment capital to complete our ultimate high school.  

During this time we will continue to rent additional space at our current host location and other secondary locales, as needed. We are working with the County to enable us to temporarily develop our current property while seeking our ultimate site. 

Our future vision includes abundant open space land to serve our whole community by providing accessible to all education from infancy through high school, community workshops and classes, teacher training and housing, senior living center, a living/working farm, a performing arts center, an anthroposophic (holistic) medicinal stream available to all, and a camphill movement.


We need conceptual art like this.