Thank you to the parents who brought to our attention the existence of a cell antenna in the church's steeple. Linked here is an assessment of the radio frequency (RF) exposure generated by this antenna from Liz Menkes of EMFHealthy. In addition, she assessed other types of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) on our site.

We have taken the following preventative measures:

Purchased and installed an RF-blocking cover for the PG&E Smartmeter

Hard-wired our office instead of wi-fi

Moved Aftercare to one of the outdoor areas with the lowest readings

Should you have questions regarding your home exposure levels, please contact Liz Menkes

We are sharing Liz Menkes' report in its entirety. You may read her report here: EMFHealthy Assessment

Note from Admin: We will be archiving this portion of our Community Page next week. Should anyone wish access to our school's EMFHealthy Assessment, please contact Meryn who will gladly share it with you.