Wild Oak Homeschool Enrichment Program for Grades 1 through 8 offers interdisciplinary classes that include:

Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Foreign Language, Handwork, Physical Education, and Outdoor Education

Each day begins with games before the children gather in the stump circle to set their intentions for the day. They begin the day with a Main Lesson before breaking for snack and movement, exploring our beautiful 35 acres of natural space. Art is an integral part of the rich Waldorf curriculum from which the teachers draw their inspiration for the day. The children begin their day at 9:00am and finish at 1:30pm. Additionally, we offer Extension from 1:30 - 3:00pm for those that need a longer day. n extension when we will further explore our activity or project of the day. 

2018-2019 Enrichment Classes

Ages 6 - 8:  How am I one with the World? How is the World a beautiful place?

Ages 9 - 11:  How do we live on the land and in our bodies? I am steward of the World around me.

Ages 12 and up: What is my impact on the World? How am I responsible and caring?  

This year will we explore these questions through the First Peoples, Human and Animal Tales, Explorers, Innovations and the Renaissance Period.

Tuesdays: Math Exploring the world of math through hands-on experiences, movement, art, music, story, and creative engineering. Building on the foundation of the four processes we will be meeting the children at their individual developmental levels. Click here for information on Tuesday's Handwork Extension Class 

Wednesdays: Science Exploring our physical world of light, heat and sound through hands-on experiences, games, movement, art, music, story, and group projects. Subjects we will draw upon are Astronomy, Biology, Physics and Innovations in History.

Thursdays: Humanities Investigating the world explorers and innovators of the Renaissance Period through Geography and History. Exploring the human experience through human and animal tales, the stories of the First Peoples, and the impact of contact between the explorers and the First Peoples. Our session will include games, movement, art, music, story, and group projects. Click here for information on Thursday's Art Extension Class


Session I: August 14 - November 2 (Holidays: NONE)

Session II: November 6 - February 22 (Holidays: 11/20 - 11/23 and 12/18 - 1/4)

Session III: February 26 - May 31 (Holidays: 3/26 - 4/5)

*This rhythm is subject to change at the discretion of the Program Director.  It may also change due to unforeseen weather changes. (Thunder, lightning…)

We are a vendor for the following Charters: Connecting Waters, Visions, Pacific Charter Institute (Valley View, Rio Valley, Heritage Peak), Valiant Prep and Summit Academy.

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