Update 2/20/2017:

Hello Everyone!

Attached you will find the field trip itinerary, packing list and meal info.  Please read and ask questions as needed.

Currently, we are still looking for a chaperone for the second boys tent (specifically a male chaperone).  As of now, my husband, Cas will be chaperoning a tent, but we need one more.  The tents are deluxe and come with down bedding.  Everyone has their own bed and it is a very nice accommodation.  If nobody can do it... we will need a queen sized blow up mattress or cot so that they can all stay under one tight roof.  

Thank you all for your cooperation.  This will be a memorable and amazing trip.

*As before we will keep a close eye on the road conditions and weather.  

The cost of the trip is $75 per person please pay Singing Stones Directly.

Thank You,

Andrea Karbo