Perhaps you have already been regaled with tales of the sleeping giant, the wise owl, or the noble king, among other magical creatures who inhabit this storybook land of poetry and treasures. Against the setting sun, darkness and stars, our landscape is windswept with fairy tale vignettes, a journey for the eyes and imagination of our children. 

Halloween Journey is an alternative way to celebrate this traditional holiday with young children. Visitors are welcomed, and then led through the mystical gateway in small groups by their "Angel Guides." At each stop on the journey there is a performance to be enjoyed and a small treat to add to each child's goodie bag. Like all good journeys, children emerge triumphant on the other side, having faced the unknown and persevered through the darkness. Upon their return, refreshments are available with a love offering.



The journey is for children led by their “Angel Guide."

Parents wishing to enjoy the journey may experience it in a separate parent group.

Feel free to bring siblings, and parents are encouraged to dress up.

In consideration of the younger children, please avoid frightening costumes. We ask that media-generated character costumes also be avoided.

Cumbersome costumes can be challenging on the hillside journey. Children will need to be able to see, and freely use their hands to carry their goodie bag.

Nature’s nighttime whispers are part of the mystery. A quiet zone around the hillside is essential. The upper parking lot is solely for those on their journey. Please do not access or park your car in the upper parking lot before or after your child’s journey. 

Food and refreshments will be available for small donations.  


Halloween Journey is one of our largest events of the year. Under the guidance of our experienced Chair and Co-Chair, the event is produced by the involvement of everyone in our community. Many hands make for light work. The "Events" section of the The Community Page will update everyone on our preparations, various volunteer days for crafting needs, and provide links to the Sign-up page for the multitude of supplies and labor required before, during, and after the event. We look forward to your participation!

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