Our Micro-School & Homeschool Enrichment programs span Early Childhood through Grade 8, and at each developmental stage—from toddler to young adult—address the student’s growing capacity for thinking, feeling, and willing (doing). This approach, which is sometimes referred to as learning through “head, heart, and hands,” permeates the curriculum in an ascending spiral of learning.

Our classes may include Music, Movement, Foreign Languages, Handwork, Painting, Beeswax and Clay Sculpture, Woodworking, Drama, Speech, Physical Education, and Outdoor Education.

Forest Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten


In our 2-year Forest Transitional Kindergarten (TK) & Kindergarten program, children ages 3.5-6 years old learn outdoors through play and exploring our beautiful 35-acres of natural space. Our inquiry-based program nurtures the children’s sense of wonder and creativity. Through observing the children’s play, teachers craft meaningful play invitations, share stories or pose questions, which supports each child’s learning process.

Through joyful engagement in the Forest TK/Kindergarten, children develop lifelong capacities for creative thinking, self-confidence and an awareness of others and their natural environment.

Our Forest TK/Kindergarten two-year program is akin to a plant: during the first year of Kindergarten, the seeds are planted and nourished; in the second year, the plants fully bloom and flourish.

Micro-School & Homeschool Enrichment Classes


Our Micro-School and Homeschool Enrichment Classes support children in grades 1 through 8. The curriculum has an over-arching theme each year, with a different subject for each day. However, each day follows the same rhythm to ensure a seamless flow between the days.

Each day will include a Morning Verse & Song, Circle, Movement Games, Music, Art, Story, Closing Circle Verse & Songs. While we are not exclusive to any one curriculum, we are deeply inspired by the educational philosophies of Montessori, Reggia Emilia, and Steiner. Our approach is collaborative, interdisciplinary, experiential, flow-led, nature-based, and holistic. Our focus is on the process, over the product, valuing the uniqueness of each child, nurturing compassion and empathy for ourselves, others, and Nature.