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Summer is special time for new friends and adventures.  Nestled in the foothills of Walnut Creek, Singing Stones is a non-profit private school inspired by Waldorf Education. Year-round, adventures abound on our seven acres of open space.  



Each camp runs 5 days, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. The cost for each camp is $200 if paid in full before June 1, or $225 thereafter. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card (a 3.5% credit card transaction fee will be added to total).

To sign up, please complete this form and submit along with your payment to our office. Forms without payment will be invoiced by our bookkeeper to the email we have on file. On June 1, those camps with less than the minimum enrollment will be cancelled and refunds issued. 

This year our summer camps will have the option of Summer Camp Aftercare, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. You must sign and pay for your child's time at the time of camp enrollment. There are no refunds on Aftercare reservations, regardless of your child's attendance, with the exception of the camp being cancelled. Summer Camp Aftercare will be $15/hour.


June 12-16 ~ Ages 4-7

Join Teachers Marcela and Melanie hiking in the wonderful open spaces in our region. Each day the children will meet to backpack along a trail, discovering the many treasures along the way Mother Gaia has hidden for us. Children will enjoy a picnic together before hiking back to the rendez-vous point.


June 26-30 ~ Ages 7-14

Children will explore the wonders of acrobatics and coordination while learning skills such as juggling and riding a unicycle from Teacher Maria Del Mar and her fabulous family of assistants. A group circus performance will close the camp for all the families to enjoy.


July 10-14 ~ Ages 3-12

Children will enjoy caring for a variety of animals with Teachers Allison and Aleyda, while discovering how much we are alike and dependent upon each other. A special appearance will be made by Teacher Dana on the last day.


July 17-21 ~ Ages 3-12

Teachers Cari and Ashley will lead the children in song, crafting, and planting our winter garden, while learning about the seasons and how closely we depend upon the gifts of our beautiful garden. 



July 24-28 ~ Ages 3-12

Children will delight in the rhythms of a day filled with outdoor fun, crafting, and games fully immersed in Spanish taught by Teachers Maria Del Mar and Aleyda. 


July 31-August 4 ~ Ages 4.5-6

This camp is a wonderfully gentle way to introduce the rhythms of our Kindergarten inspired by Waldorf Education. Children will enjoy circle, inside and outside play, cooking, and crafting together with Teachers Fiona and Sarah.


August 14-18 ~ Ages 4-12

Children will delight in this hands-on experience cooking in "Carmen's Kitchen." They will engage in the preparation and savor the eating of the dishes they prepare with Teacher Carmen.