All the flowers of tomorrow
are in the seeds of today...


Dear Singing Stones Families and Friends, 

On behalf of our children, faculty, and board members, thank you for your unwavering support for Singing Stones School. We are grateful that you are a part of our Community, and you value and support the excellent curriculum we provide, which is built on the core principles of Waldorf education—educating the whole child—head, heart, and hands.

Singing Stones has grown from the seeds of Rudolf Steiner's philosophy to create positive social change through education. We believe this education should be available to everyone. To meet this need, our school embraces and offers the gift of an Accessible-to-All Tuition Plan where each family is welcomed and valued equally.

However, as virtually any non-profit, non-chartered independent school in our country, we are reliant on fundraising to make up the difference to cover our costs. It is with your generous tax-deductible donation that we are able to continue to offer this invaluable gift to our Community. 

We thank you for making the difference in sowing the seeds of today for the flowers of our tomorrow. 

Blessings on our work,

Meryn, Fiona, Quentin, and Leah

Meryn Gruhn Di Tullio
School Administrator

Fiona Stewart
Mixed-ages Kindergarten Teacher
Annual Fund Co-Chair

Quentin and Leah Bacon
Parent Volunteers, Annual Fund Co-Chairs


Ways to give • Ways to share

Singing Stones is as unique as the region it serves. Over the past six years, our school has experienced significant growth, and now we provide dozens of families an alternative education, bringing great value to our community and beyond. We continue to believe this education should be available to everyone. To do so, we need and deserve help. 

We are making a difference in the world and wish to share this opportunity with others. The Annual Fund is for anyone wishing to help our children and school, and to make a positive change in our world.   


How to plant your seeds...

 Clear envelope for personal delivery  •   White envelope for postal delivery 

Clear envelope for personal delivery  •   White envelope for postal delivery 

We are excited to introduce to you our new Community Table located outside the office. There you will find our Annual Fund packets that include everything you need for your own personal donation and sharing with others. Please take as many packets as you wish. We will restock the supplies as needed.            

When sharing or mailing packets with others, pull out the blank correspondence paper to write your personal greeting. The greeting can easily be slipped back into the packet before delivery.    

Pens and extra supplies are available on the Community Table, along with a secure Donation Box where you may drop your donation envelope and packets in need of postage and mailing.  

Donations may be made directly on our website or through a personal check. A personal check saves our school the transaction fees for online donations. For all donations, please complete and submit the "remittance card" inside our Annual Fund packets.

If delivering in person, please do not seal the envelope so it may be reused. Envelopes may be given to any Faculty member, or delivered into our Donation Box. All donations will be retrieved daily and given to our Bookkeeper to process.

Friends and Family

There are two types of Annual Fund packets: a clear envelope for delivering in person, and a white envelope for traditional postal delivery.  

Postal delivery requires special postage, Singing Stones will provide postage for all envelopes left in the Donation Box.  

For those who need to send multiple packets to one address, large mailers are available on the Community Table. Postage and mailing will be provided by Singing Stones when left in the Donation Box.

Personal Touches

Please consider your own personal touches that can add to the enjoyment and ritual of sharing for you and your children. Who wouldn't love to receive freshly baked cookies or bread from wonderful children promoting their school, or a corporate office fruit platter with a donation envelope?  

Thank you cards will be sent out at the end of the year, along with the first "Stories from Singing Stones" newsletter.  

Supporting Website Pages

If you would like to share our Annual Fund through email or online, we have a new dedicated Annual Fund webpage with all the details in the Annual Fund packet.  

Singing Stones Annual Fund

Broader Community

Please look to your personal and professional resources and how we can connect with others who value the need for positive social change through education. Someday a family just like yours will follow in your footsteps. Your work and contributions assure they may reap what together we are sowing and join in the effort to continue this gift.  

Please share with us your thoughts and ideas on how we may connect with the broader communities including outside corporate programs, Waldorf alumni groups, philanthropic-minded individuals and groups.


If you have any question or suggestions, please email Quentin and Leah Bacon.

Our Singing Garden

In the spirit of growth and giving represented by our Annual Fund, we invite everyone to contribute to our "Singing Garden" by bringing flower clippings and or arrangements to our Singing Garden, located on our Community Table.

Empty vases and jars are available, but feel free to bring your own with your flowers.


May we all flourish...